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the greatest

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Oil, acrylic, charcoal, ink on canvas.

90cm x 125cm.

This is inspired by the British Summer. There’s nostalgia running through it. It reminds me of water fights - fought on tarmac, which was just as warm as the sun’s rays, with scraped knees and plastic. In fact, I applied the ink with a water gun. But the overarching logic behind the piece was in relation to the weather. The ink, as it drips down, becomes like rain interrupting a sunny day. It’s alright because it will only last for a few minutes and then the sky will be clear again. The text, “the greatest”, is part of a thought I had along the lines of “It’s a struggle right now, but I guarantee you I will be one of the greatest artists alive” … The shortened version isn’t as much of a mouthful, and it’s broad enough for viewers to apply it to themselves.