Open Studio (December 2020)

If seeing an error message that says your device isn't supported, click the green button to bypass it. In my case the button is hidden behind the cookies banner and is half way off of the screen, but is still clickable. Once you've loaded the virtual space, click where you want to go and click on a painting to view information about it. You can also click and drag to look around / use the WASD keys to move. 


I modelled the space off of my family's garden, since I've been staying with them through the COVID situation and have been making paintings in the shed. The width and depth of the virtual garden is to scale, except the shed is a bit deeper. Also, the platform that I'm using doesn't give me control over the height of structures: so heights aren't to scale. The brick structure opposite the shed, which most of the art is on, depicts the side of the next-door neighbours' garage. The other brick structure depicts the back end of my family's house. I'm considering putting flowers in the beds that go around the edge of the garden, to make it more obvious that that's what they are, although it's not high on my list of priorities.