Lewis Buttery’s works are mostly about mental health and social class. His style, as a result, is like a mix of expressionism and street art.

Lewis was born in Leicester, UK and was introduced to the art world by local charity Soft Touch Arts in 2013 - after dropping out of his A Levels during his worst period with his mental health. He immediately started practicing as a self-taught artist, taking part in a group residency and exhibitions that year. The following year he started delivering workshops on behalf of the charity: which he continued doing until 2018 within arts organisations, schools, youth clubs, council estates, and prisons.

During that period Lewis was in the local paper and on the local BBC Radio station more than once. He was involved with numerous big projects, like curating Leicester's leg of the touring Generation Art exhibition and being a speaker on the corresponding panel talk.

In 2016 Lewis decided that he wanted to improve his skills - so he chose to do a Foundation in Art & Design alongside his professional practice, part time at De Montfort University. Upon completion, in 2018, he then began a full-time BA in Fine Art at UAL: Central Saint Martins. While there he was awarded the annual BWW residency with Liquitex, and also took part in the Tate Exchange programme at Tate Modern. He ended up graduating during a COVID lockdown in 2021.

Since then Lewis has been living and working back home in Leicestershire. He’s gotten involved with the Working Class Creatives Database - exhibiting in group shows with them and having spoken at the WCBAN x WCCD: Know Your Working Class Artists event, hosted online by the Southbank Centre.



2022 - 'Blunderbuss', group show, Two Queens, Leicester
2022 - ‘GR22', residency, Two Queens, Leicester

2021 - ‘Story of Soft Touch in 35 artworks’, group show, Soft Touch Arts, Leicester
2021 - ‘Looks like its gunna rain’, group show, Motion Sickness Project Space, Cambridge
2021 - ‘Virtual Summer Exhibition Part I’, The Flux Review, Online
2021 - ‘This is not a show’, Pineapple Black, Online

2020 - ‘Stay Connected’, group show, Online
2020 - ‘Tate Exchange (SALE)’, group show, Tate Modern, London
2020 - ‘Big Walls & Windows’, residency, Liquitex, London

2019 - ‘Positive Affirmations’, Cordwainers Court Window Galleries, London
2019 - ‘Endless Houseshare’, group show, Safehouse 1 & 2, London
2019 - ‘Line Drawings’, Cordwainers Court Window Galleries, London

2018 - ‘The Fruits of Our Labour’, group show, Soft Touch Arts, Leicester
2018 - Group show, The Blue Boar, Leicester
2018 - ‘The Image Is The Servant V (Body Beautiful)’, group show, De Monfort University The Venue, Leicester

2017 - ‘L.O.V.E. Art’, group show, New Walk Museum, Leicester
2017 - ‘WINGS’, residency, Soft Touch Arts, Leicester

2016 - ‘Summer Art Trail’, group show, StudionAme, Leicester
2016 - ‘86:16’, group show, Soft Touch Arts, Leicester
2016 - ‘Summer Open’, Cank Street Gallery, Leicester
2016 - ‘Open 27’, New Walk Museum, Leicester

2015 - ‘Somewhereto_FRAMED’, group show, Silver Arcade, Leicester
2015 - ‘The Image is the Servant II (Fearful)’, group show, Hansom Hall, Leicester
2015 - ‘Bleeding HeART’, residency, Queen of Bradgate Upstairs, Leicester

2014 - ‘Open Exhibition’, Cank Street Gallery, Leicester
2014 - ‘Open 25’, Newarke Houses Museum, Leicester
2014 - Group show, The Orange Tree, Leicester
2014 - ‘LuvLeicester / The Unusual’, group show, Highcross, Leicester

2013 - Group show, Soft Touch Arts, Leicester
2013 - ‘Unrestricted’, group show, Highcross, Leicester
2013 - Residency, University of Leicester Botanic Garden