Tate Exchange

I did these paintings live at Tate Modern, in January 2020, during Tate Exchange: SALE. They ended up being the bridge between what I was focusing on in 2019 and what I would then focus on for the rest of 2020; I had been doing text based affirmations work and was now wanting to apply a new creative filter to the same idea. I ended up deciding that the filter I would use was colour. So, how could I make the colour equivalent of an affirmation? The palette in the first painting below is based on a field of flowers and the second one is based on sugary treats, mainly juicy dark fruits in the form of ice cream: but also sour green apple sweets and Refreshers chew bars. The Tate Exchange event itself runs for a week each year on the fifth floor of Tate Modern's Blavatnik Building. It's like a series of performances from their partner organisations, including the Central Saint Martin's Art programme, which is where I was studying for my BA at the time. It has a theme each time and this time the theme was SALE. The SALE theme tied all performances together with a continuity drawn from a workshop, which visitors accessed when first entering the space. In the workshop, visitors print screened their own fake money: which they could then use to 'buy' things. The things they could buy could be literal or conceptual. Some examples included prints, an experience, and laughs. For our contribution, artist Katie Saunders and I recreated our studio set-up. We were usually based in spaces next to each other. This was like an open studio plucked right out of CSM and plonked in the middle of the Tate. We brought along canvases and paint and picked up where we'd each left off with our respective work the previous day, spending our time-slot making paintings. The way we fit it into the theme, with a commodity to 'sell', was with a sign which said "pay what you feel to watch us work".