Soft Touch Arts Prison Sessions

I ran weekly workshops in HMP Glen Parva and HMP Leicester with artist Kieran Walsh, on behalf of Soft Touch Arts, between 2015 and 2018. We also curated a fair few exhibitions of work made by the prisoners. The photos and video below are in chronological order of when those exhibitions took place. The first image is from Glen Parva visitor centre in 2016 and the video is from Inside Outside, the first of a few of these shows at STA. Those two were both only of work by prisoners at Glen Parva: because, in the beginning, we were only running the sessions there. Then we started running them in Leicester Prison too: so the next image is from the show Hear Me Out, which was a combination of work from both prisons in 2017. Parva then closed in 2017, which meant we were now only running the sessions at Leicester. The next image, which is four photos stitched together, is a mural within Leicester Prison itself. Me and Kieran facilitated a week of mural painting sessions with prisoners in 2017 for the first Talent Unlocked festival: an arts festival within the prison and in partnership with De Montfort University. There was also an exhibition in the visitors centre as part of it, which I don't have a photo of, which was a combination of work by prisoners and of art students at DMU. Me and Kieran curated the prisoner art portion and artist Jonjo Elliot curated the DMU portion. The final photo below is of the 2018 show, called Unlocked, which was a split site exhibition between STA and New Walk Museum. It was of HMP Leicester work only and I curated it with Kieran as usual. After that I moved to London to go to art school, which sadly meant moving on from the prison sessions.