Soft Touch Arts LuvLeicester / The Unusual

This was really two projects, both of which I got involved with, but they were combined into one group show at the end. Both projects involved making new work specifically for the show. The first was The Unusual. Everyone did stylised self portraits using a specific process: first using a photo as the basis for a stencil, cutting it out and spraying through it onto paper, then cutting around the edges of the sprayed piece to overlay it on a background. The background was also a stencil. The reference photo I used was from a Halloween event when I was made-up like a zombie. I had been holding a plastic severed hand. For the stencil I thought I'd try something a bit different and merged the plastic hand into my arm. That's why it looks so out of proportion, if you were wondering. Big hand. The second project was LuvLeicester: a series of photographic work taken around the city. They're individually called Silver, Green, and Pink: based on the prominent colour of each. But the thing which set me on that path is the greyscale one, Silver, which is in a location called Silver Arcade.