Positive Affirmations

TRIGGER WARNING. I made these in 2019, during a period when I was really struggling with my mental health again. I briefly tried affirmations as a way to help me cope. I listened to them intensively for a week, having them on in the background on repeat. I was also experimenting with my new graffiti markers at the time, so I decided to write it down any time an affirmation stood out as something I needed to here in that moment. I'd pretty quickly written down about 30 of them, which is a reflection of just how bad of a spot I was in at the time. I was trying desperately to put out fires. Obviously, it wasn't a long term solution: but putting affirmations in a public space I hoped might be good for people going about their daily lives. I first installed them in public-facing window displays in Hackney, London, through the second half of 2019. I temporarily took them down at the end of the year to put them in a one night show with the Working-class Artists Network (WANK), in Peckham. Then I reinstalled them in Hackney in time for Christmas, because I know it can be a hard time of year for a lot of people. I kept them up for about another half a year, through the UK's first wave of COVID.