Hostile Architecture

Hostile architecture, for anyone who doesn't know, is usually anti-homeless in design. It's the metal spikes on the ground in doorways and the cement spikes under overpasses, both of which are to stop people from sleeping there. It's the benches designed specifically to stop people from laying down on them and sometimes even to stop people from sitting on them fully: literally stopping a bench from being a bench. The purpose of hostile architecture is to get 'undesirables' out of sight. Another group which it seeks to move is skaters: with the metal studs on ledges which people could otherwise perform tricks from, including on the edges of those same benches I mentioned earlier. I don't think CCTV fits under the definition, but those cameras serve the same purpose when strategically placed to get 'loiterers' out of sight. I sought out an umbrella term to encompass CCTV back in 2018 when I was making work about all this, but I never found one which fit.