Various doodles done in school when I should have been working. The fire one was during a maths class, in my exercise book. Fire was my go-to doodle growing up, usually not in squares though. This is the only time I did it that way. Initially I was just messing about doing the outside lines of the fire without going over the lines of the book. Then I turned it into squares as a way of doing something like a colour-fill while still sticking to the original rule of not going over the grid. Finished it by making the outside lines thicker. The photos were me messing about with the Apple Mac camera options during music class. My school had just gotten funding to improve the department's facilities by kitting it out with the Macs and I'd never used one before because of how expensive they are. So, these photos were something I used to do at the point when my mental health was waning and affecting my ability to focus.