Cross Corners

I painted this as a kid at Cross Corners Community Art Centre. It's an observational watercolour and ink piece, of a plant which was in the gardens. Typical artist, I spent years being overcritical of myself and thinking this was no good. Looking back on it, I'm really impressed with myself that young me paid such close attention as to do shadow and highlights. I also notice the expressive mark-making which I now consciously lean into was there from the start in those ink line marks. I don't remember what my thoughts were at the time about contrasts but, they're really good here too. there's the combination of green and red, which is both complimentary contrast (two colours opposite each other on the colour wheel) and contrast of extension (there's a lot of one colour and a little of another). I've got contrast in the thickness of marks (the ink lines versus the background thick brush lines) and contrast of hue, which means the vibrancy / pigmentation of the colour. Those black lines and white highlights I mentioned early mean there's a bit of light-dark contrast too. So many.