This is all hobbyist stuff I did outside of school hours before 2012 (I didn't write on the sign for the dubstep one, just took the photo). There's a lot of music related stuff, because that's what my plan was to originally pursue a career in. My secondary school only allowed us to make two subject choices for years 10 and 11, everything else was mandatory. I wanted to pick both art and music as my choices, but the lessons ran at the same time. Had to be one or the other. I ended up picking music and keeping art as a hobby. Then, when going on to study at A Level, my college waited until enrolment day to tell me they weren't running the music course I had applied to. They said I could either pick something else or switch to my backup college. I decided to stay, because I was already struggling with my mental health and I couldn't cope with going somewhere none of my friends were and, small as it may sound, working out the commute. The college I stayed at ended up being just awful for mental health support. One of the tutors introduced herself by saying "Anyone who's just going to drop out, don't waste my time." So I didn't. After a couple of months I stopped turning up and by the new year I had officially dropped out.