Lewis Buttery opens 'Affirmations' exhibition

Lewis Buttery's show 'Affirmations' has opened.


Lewis Buttery's show, Affirmations, has opened. The exhibition is in window displays, which means it can be viewed at any time of the day. It's at St Thomas' Square, in Hackney, until the 31st October 2019 and faces out onto Mare Street.


Powerful affirmations encourage positivity.


Believe, achieve and live a great life.


After thinking about how consumers superimpose themselves onto media, Lewis Buttery decided to exhibit work that promotes positivity.


Messages include motivation and challenges to low self-esteem.


Be courageous, fulfilled and in command.


Fifteen affirmations are on show in the public exhibition, including motivation and challenges to low self-esteem. They're in the public space in the hope that they'll uplift people as they walk past. New affirmations are written based on Jason Stephenson's spoken word.


Love, dedicate and take action.